14 Hilarious Fails From This Week

1. This store update:

Twitter: @hugetinymistake

2. And this DoorDash update:

Twitter: @TuggaAintShit

DoorDash pic of a guy getting his food

@TuggaAintShit / Via Twitter: @TuggaAintShit

3. This generational diss:

Twitter: @hollywheeler_

4. This ironic fail:

Twitter: @NickStopTalking

5. This bizarre reaction:

Twitter: @CaIChristopher

Someone being freaked out by a nose ring

@CaIChristopher / Via Twitter: @CaIChristopher

6. This Q&A:

Twitter: @kittynouveau

7. This response:

Twitter: @ihatejxhn_

8. This mindset:

Twitter: @lilgrapefruits

9. This lie:

Twitter: @raroacontece

10. This text:

Twitter: @paulrobalino

11. This Snapchat:

Twitter: @rudy_betrayed

12. This serve:

13. This cookie:

Twitter: @ZoldyckSzn

14. And lastly, this sign:

Twitter: @ci_arrae

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