14 Times People Did A Very Bad Job Of Trying To Bargain

1. This person who was going to get a good deal on a TV, but turned out to be a complete monster.

12345678_9 / Via reddit.com

2. This person who thought complaining about the price might get them a $200 discount.

sakeoftheshow / Via reddit.com

3. This really bad attempt at trying to buy something from someone who set a firm price.

jshah500 / Via reddit.com

4. This person who revealed the scummy truth about their negotiation tactics before they’d actually gotten the product.

AGuyNamedRyan333 / Via reddit.com

5. This clown rudely trying to negotiate a discount because it’s their son’s birthday.

jackblabberr / Via reddit.com

6. This person trying to put very strict time restraints on their offer for a car.

shawnsenior / Via reddit.com

7. This master class on what not to do when negotiating.

golde62 / Via reddit.com

8. This awful, lowballing negotiator.

XXXodiac / Via reddit.com

9. This person who casually tried to lower an offer that was already too low.

Nidiahk / Via reddit.com

10. This negotiator who called the seller a “fucking wimp” and was really doing more begging than bargaining.

mystifier7 / Via reddit.com

11. This person who offered $100 less than the asking price, had a deal, then tried to drop it even lower.

hepoind / Via reddit.com

12. This person who literally had knowledge of the other offers that’d been made to a seller, and still offered lower.

NegativeReply3211 / Via reddit.com

13. This person who took lowballing to a whole new level by offering $975 less than the asking price!

kaysimm12 / Via reddit.com

14. And finally, this person who came in with a low offer and a lot of entitlement.

[deleted] / Via reddit.com

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