14 Wow-Worthy Things People Discovered While Quarantining

It’s safe to say that the coronavirus social distancing and quarantining has led people to discover/hear about/see new things. Here are some of the best things people encountered:

1. A cute little fox on a tree stump:

2. A new joke:

3. An aquarium of free penguins:

4. A dog playing like this:

5. A new hand washing technique:

6. A duo of anime cats:

7. A way of becoming a horse:

8. A way of doing “pushups on air”:

9. A dog going through the drive thru:

10. A NSFW hand-washing drawing:

11. A cat losing a game:

12. An unlikely YouTube star:

13. A beautiful serenade:

14. And lastly, a doggie messenger:

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