15 Reviewer-Loved Things On Sale At Dermstore Right Now

Dermstore is a fabulous source for all things beauty. Now they’re offering up to 20% off tons of must-have items with code GLOWUP, so run, don’t walk. The sale only lasts through March 10, so better getting to clicking!

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Just be sure to use the code GLOWUP for major savings.

1. An advanced eyelash conditioner that will make your lashes look long, luscious, and super hydrated. There’s no reason to let your lashes suffer the effects of lasting mascara use.

The advanced eyelash conditioner

@revitalashcosmetics / Via instagram.com

Promising reviews: “Been using for two months now, lashes definitely look longer! Not an issue for my super sensitive skin! Highly recommend!”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $78.40 (originally $98)

2. A three-piece hair dryer for those craving a salon blow out that they can maintain from home. This professional-grade hair dryer comes with two nozzles so you can style your hair exactly the way you want.

The three-piece hair dryer


Promising reviews: “I just got this, but so far so good! It is a little on the heavy side, but it is compact, easy to use, and dries my hair quickly, without frying it. All that you can ask for in a hairdryer! Money well spent!”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $199.20 (originally $249)

3. A daily microfoliant from Dermalogica, because scrubbing your face isn’t the answer to smooth, exfoliated skin. This’ll promote the turnover of new skin cells to leave your skin looking bright, refreshed, and baby soft.

The daily microexfoliant


Promising reviews: “I have very dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin, and the acne items I use sometimes lead to peeling skin. This item is gentle enough not to irritate my skin and leaves my skin smooth and flake-free. It’s gentle enough I’ve even used it twice a day before with no adverse reactions.”—JB

Price: $12+ (originally $15; available in two sizes)

4. A microneedle facial roller so you can minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring from the comfort of your own home. People pay top dollar for this kind of procedure with facialists and dermatologists, so this is sort of an unbeatable deal.

The facial roller


Promising reviews: “This is the second one I have purchased. You do need to replace after a few months of continued use. It has really helped my 67-year-old skin. My products penetrate better and it is much less expensive than the spa, especially during Covid. It is a quality product. Use as directed and it will take years off your face. I love it, and I have a cosmetic background.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $24 (originally $30)

5. A travel-sized micellar water that is truly a lifesaver for those on the go. It’s perfect for swiping across your face with a cotton pad for a super low-key nighttime routine or when you don’t otherwise have access to your favorite face wash.

The travel-sized micellar water


Promising reviews: “I adore this micellar water. I have been using for years and wouldn’t ever use another. I love that they have this tiny travel size. I can keep it in my car, and use it to clean off my face after I take off my face mask. Great to stop breakouts. Also just great for regular travel. Perfect formula and presentation.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $3.99+ (originally $4.99+; available in three sizes)

6. A micro-exfoliating shampoo for the person looking to boost their overall scalp health. It reduces irritation and dryness while detoxifying the scalp to rid it of impurities and flakiness. Talk about a multifunctioning product.

The scalp revival shampoo


Briogeo is a Black woman-owned brand!

Promising reviews: “This minty, coconuty, charcoal paste is actually a wonderful shampoo! My scalp gets dry sometimes, so I use this once or twice a week in rotation with my regular shampoo. It’s really delightful to use; very refreshing but gentle. Micro-exfoliating, not super exfoliating. I found it to be just the right amount. My hair is cleaner, fluffier, and less frizzy for some reason.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $33.60 (originally $42)

7. A sleeping night oil from Sunday Riley, because don’t we all want a radiant complexion? This product locks in moisture so you can wake up feeling dewy, replenished, and ready for the day.

The sleeping night oil


Promising reviews: “I purchased this product on sale because I wanted to try it out. It does not leave my skin oily at all and it gives a great glow the next morning! One downside is I couldn’t layer it with other products. It’s great as it is, but I like to use several moisturizing products at nighttime.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $84 (originally $105; available in two sizes)

8. A tub of ultra repair cream so you can make your skin truly softer than you ever thought possible. I wear this product daily and swear by it so adamantly, I’m surprised First Aid Beauty doesn’t sponsor me.

the ultra repair cream

@firstaidbeauty / Via instagram.com

Promising reviews: “WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Especially my husband who suffers from really bad severe eczema in his face. This is our go-to product when he has flareups. We love it so much that it has become part of his daily routine. It’s affordable and really lightweight on your face. It doesn’t feel so oily and it helps keep moisture in.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $28.80 (originally $36; available in two sizes)

9. And speaking of First Aid Beauty, some radiance pads that are an amazing price for the amount of benefits they offer. These help clear up hyperpigmentation, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and brightens up skin’s overall appearance.

The radiance pads


Promising reviews: “I love these radiance pads from First Aid Beauty. I feel like they really clear my skin if it is feeling dry or clogged with product. They don’t leave my skin feeling dry or burning afterward. I use after cleansing in the shower at night and before serum and moisturizer. They’re great for traveling, too. I use one pad on face, decolletage, neck, and back of hands.”—Babylise1

Price: $28.80 (originally $36)

10. A lip care balm for those who suffer from not only dry winter skin, but also dry winter lips. This is a great way to nourish your lips and protect against chapping and cracking if you live in super dry weather.

The By Terry lip care balm


Promising reviews: “I’d never have spent this much on a lip balm if it didn’t work so beautifully well. It moisturizes amazingly and actually plumps your lips. Definitely one of my favorite, most effective products.” —Dermstore Customer

Price: $48 (originally $60)

11. A set of 24 pimple patches, because don’t we all love the feeling of a pimple shrinking overnight? These patches are one of the more reasonably priced of the variety and the reviews speak for themselves.

The pimple patches


Promising reviews: “These are great, best ones on the market!! They are very effective and a true staple in my daughter’s routine. Definitely would keep buying them.”—KaryZ

Price: $4.80 (originally $6)

12. An ultra softening heel and elbow cream so you can ensure your body is getting the hydration it needs. When we talk about skincare, most of the time it’s about our faces, but your body is JUST as important!

tub of the cream

@glytoneusa / Via instagram.com

Promising reviews: “Love Glytone products and this one doesn’t disappoint. I convinced my husband to give it a try and he can’t believe how the skin on his feet has improved in just a week of daily use.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $43.20 (originally $54)

13. A cleansing toning lotion that removes makeup swiftly and helps prep your skin. It’ll remove grime without totally stripping your skin of moisture so you can feel bright and not greasy.

The cleansing toning lotion


Promising reviews: “The best makeup remover hands down! Removes anything and doesn’t leave a greasy film. The only thing I’ve used for 10+ years.”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $30.40 (originally $38; available in two sizes)

14. An advanced skin technology green cream for the person who suffers from chronic tomato face. I, being one of them, love any green cream I can get my hands on and this one is a tried-and-true lifesaver.

The advanced skin technology cream


Promising reviews: “This cream is fabulous. I don’t find it to be drying (and my skin is dry); it definitely softens wrinkles and smooths texture. Best OTC retinol I’ve used. Will continue to purchase!”—JM

Price: $37.60 (originally $47)

15. A total eye care cream with SPF, because there’s never a better time to start taking care of your more delicate skin than the present. Plus, the SPF will protect from sun damage and subsequent aging effects, which we love.

The Dermotologica total eye care cream with SPF


Promising reviews: “In my 40s and have sensitive skin. I had trouble finding an eye cream that would not irritate, but this eye cream did not. It’s also very moisturizing and goes on smoothly under my makeup. My eyes look refreshed and bright! Highly recommend!”—Dermstore Customer

Price: $43.20 (originally $54)

Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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