15 TikToks Of Families Losing It That Are Honestly Pretty Relatable

1. This couple who is verrry competitive about Monopoly:

2. This dad who can’t *stand* his daughter’s hiccuping:


Quaratine day whatever and I had the worst hiccups… my dad really said “choke her out” ##tiktokdiy ##OwnTheCurve

♬ original sound – kyleejenner789

3. This mother and son who don’t have patience for one another:


he said no I can’t go get ur keys I got my chili in my lap and stuff

♬ original sound – alisonnvvalentine

4. This woman who has worn the same outfit for two weeks straight:

5. This dad who would rather be quarantined alone:

6. This mom who just wants to make her coffee in peace:

7. This mom who just DGAF:

8. This dad who just wants to eat some bread!!!


Dads upset, quarantine bread stash running low. We’re “vultures” ##coronavirus ##quarantine ##dadismad

♬ original sound – dysflex

9. This daughter who doesn’t want to be around her mom:


Please watch her process my mom’s cough who has been traveling across the country… ##coronatime ##coronavirus

♬ original sound – nor_reagrats

10. This mom who has had enough of her daughter’s compliments:

11. This wife who can’t stand her husband’s jokes:

13. This woman who doesn’t have time for her husband’s judgement:

14. This mom who learned about her daughter’s legendary love life:

15. And this grandma who has zero patience for her grandson:


First I got my dad.. now we got my Grandmom 🤣

♬ original sound – lance210

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