17 Husbands Who Definitely Did Not Even Come Close To Getting Away With It

1. This husband, who thought he could sneak a taste of his wife’s avocado toast without her knowing:

2. This husband, who put this message on the back of his wife’s car window:

3. This husband — or boyfriend — who used Lunchables to make his partner a charcuterie board:

Twitter: @fcckjulius

4. This husband, who snuck a “dick pic” into his wife’s purse:

5. This husband, who thought he wouldn’t get caught napping on his wife’s pregnancy pillow:

6. This husband, whose wife left her phone at home, and he went to town with the selfies:

7. And this husband, who ate all his wife’s leftover cake and blamed…the “dog”:

8. This husband, who snuck a few items to the bottom of his wife’s grocery list:

9. This husband, who added on to the mantra on his wife’s tea bag:

10. This husband, who put this scary-as-hell clown on the toilet for his wife to find in the middle of the night:

11. This husband, who snuck and rearranged the holiday candles at the store to his liking:

12. This husband, who thought it would be funny to do this to his spouse’s water bottles:

13. This husband, who snuck a car air freshener on the Christmas tree as an ornament:

14. And this husband, who didn’t think his wife would notice if he replaced the topper:

15. This husband, who thought he did a great job of hiding his wife’s remote:

16. This husband, who snuck a piece of his wife’s brownies and thought it would go unnoticed:

17. And this husband, who took a little taste of EVERY SINGLE DONUT IN THE BAG and thought he could get away with it:

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