17 Tweets That Are 50% Funny And 50% Wise

Self-reflection is extremely important. In fact, it’s basically the key to living a fulfilled life.


So let’s take a moment to examine some crucial advice from Twitter:

1. Cancel that free trial:

2. Return the Tupperware:

3. It’s “whoa”:

4. Don’t let the fitted sheet win:

5. Realize that these are different:

6. Don’t get excited over the bare minimum:

7. Find the old sandwich:

8. Face the harsh truth about Disney:

9. You won’t be getting a Tesla from David Dobrik:

10. Makeup wipes don’t cut it:

11. Embrace being single:

12. Stop with the “lol” crutch:

13. Eat the produce:

14. Double-check that desktop:

15. Let go of Snapchat streaks:

16. Shower sex is overrated:

17. Don’t future-trip:

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