18 Female-Led Indian Brands That'll Make You Say, "Why Am I Only Just Finding Out About Them?"

2020 has been one of the most difficult years humankind has ever witnessed and we’re still reeling from its after-effects. As per a report by Google, Bain & Company, and AWE Foundation, which is based on a survey of around 300 women entrepreneurs and small business owners, the pandemic has adversely affected more than 70% of female-owned businesses in India. Here at TheNews.Top, we wish to support and celebrate just some of these fantastic beauty, home decor, fashion, and food brands that are led by amazing Indian women.

This, by no means, is an exhaustive list.

1. The Wishing Chair

2. Henaa Hainaa Beauty

3. Shop Lune

4. Ruby’s Organics

5. Country Bean

6. SUGAR Cosmetics

7. Pure By Priyanka ‘Myoho’

8. Cuffs N Lashes

9. The Moms Co.

10. Tea Trunk

11. Okhai

12. Carmesi

13. Yogabars

14. JODI

15. Dot & Key

16. YBP Cosmetics

17. H A N N A N

18. Global Beauty Secrets

Which ones did we miss? Feel free to share some of your favourite female-owned brands in the comments!

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