19 Of The Most Iconic Cakes From The Australian Women's Weekly Cake Book

If you grew up in Australia, chances are you’ve had one of the cakes from the Australian Women’s Weekly Cake Book.

Keeping on that nostalgic bandwagon, let’s gaze into the past and remember some of the most iconic creations that will take you straight back to your childhood.

1. The Choo-Choo Train

2. The Candy Castle

3. The Lion

4. The Swimming Pool

5. The Farmyard

6. The Cricket Bat

7. The Dolly Varden

8. The Rubber Ducky

9. The Echidna Cake

10. The Little Miss Piggy

11. The Piano

12. The Clock

13. The Bear

14. The Butterfly

15. The Monster

16. The Numbers

17. The Racing Track

18. The Bunny

19. And finally, The Gingerbread House

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