19 Scenes From "I Care A Lot" That Speak To It's Ruthlessness

Just when I thought senior citizens had enough to worry about, Netflix’s I Care A Lot comes around and changes everything.

Let’s just say I won’t be letting my grandma out of my sight. Here are 19 scenes from the movie that reminded me that scammers suck.

1. When Marla’s scandalous profession is revealed.

2. When Marla legally keeps a son from seeing his elderly mom in a nursing home.

3. When Jennifer is tricked into thinking Marla is her guardian and is forced out of her home.

A elderly woman looks uncomfortable as two other women walk her down the hall


This scheme is the worst of the worst.

4. When Marla admires her wall of “clients.”

A woman with a small mug in her hand grins in front of a wall of photos featuring elderly people.


It might be more appropriate to say “financial victims.”

5. When Marla takes more than just Jennifer’s money.

@Netflix / Via Twitter

The thievery was just too much.

6. When Jennifer gets forcibly sedated because she asked to use her cell phone.

A joyous woman speaks to a distressed elderly woman.


The nursing home was basically a prison.

7. When Marla refuses to release Jennifer, even after her son’s lawyer visits.

@TwinningItPod / Via Twitter

Marla was a terrible “guardian.”

8. When Jennifer is so close to breaking out of the nursing home, but the elaborate plan is soiled.

A man looks determined, but concerned.


The breakout plan was perfect until it wasn’t.

9. When Marla insists that the routine for Jennifer get turned upside down.

10. When Marla gets Jennifer committed to a psychiatric ward.

11. Every single time the judge voted in Marla’s favor.

12. When the doctor gets killed because of Marla’s greed.

@NetflixFilm / Via Twitter

Money–the root of all evil.

13. When Fran gets beat up by Roman’s goonies.

14. When Marla’s plan works and she becomes Roman’s legal guardian.

15. When Jennifer is finally released, but something bigger and more sinister is brewing.

A man looks sadly at a woman with a stern face.


Marla and Roman changed the game for the worst.

16. When Marla and Roman go into business together.

@NetflixFilm / Via Twitter

An evil duo indeed.

17. When Marla stands in front of an even bigger display of her clients.

18. When it seems like Marla isn’t going to have any consequences for her actions.

19. When the son said his mom died in the nursing home and he couldn’t even see her.

What scenes stood out to you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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