Lana The All-Knowing Cone Is Reason Enough To Watch Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle"

Have you watched Too Hot to Handle on Netflix? Well, I have; in fact, I finished all eight episodes in a day! I’m cool! Anyway, the premise of the show is that a bunch of hot, horny people stay in a villa in Mexico for a month and in order to win $100K at the end, they can’t kiss or have sex or do ANYTHING (even with themselves).


It’s like a mix between Love Island, Love Is Blind, The Circle, and being in quarantine because of the coronavirus.

However, there’s one thing that they have that I don’t have and that I need in my life. And that’s Lana.


She’s the TRUE STAR of the show. She’s literally just a device that lights up, makes chime noises, and talks to the contestants. But let me tell you, Alexa and Siri are shook right now.


Because you know what? Lana is that bitch.

She is keeper of the kisses. She rules it all.

She’s resepected but also feared.

Lana is literally just a cone voice box that is fed lines by producers, but deep down she’s much more than that.

I mean, Lana either gives you money or takes away your money. She is in charge and only she decides the fate of the group.

Also she’s sassy AF and is drunk with power!!! I LOVE THAT FOR HER.

I relate to her and she’s just a tiny robot cone!

And Lana truly is a reflection of the world.

I’m obsessed with everything she says and does. Oh, you thought you’d get away with going to third base in the middle of the night? NOPE!!!!!!!

More of us need Lana to teach us her ways.

In conclusion: Lana is queen.

An icon.


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