People Are Sharing Disturbing, Gut-Wrenching Movies That They Could Never Watch Again

Leave it to Reddit users to ask some thought provoking threads that really makes one stop and think. User /u/Winologue asked the juicy question, “What movie is so disturbing, you would never watch it again?

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I know this is a question I’d have to really think about my answer — but thousands of others knew exactly which movie they would never lay eyes on again.

Here are some of the best responses:

Warning: discussion of disturbing plots in movies alongside images from the films.

1. Leaving Las Vegas

couple embracing

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“Nicholas Cage lives in a shitty hotel and actively, purposely drinks himself to death.” —u/FaintDamnPraise

2. Come and See

young boy looking terrified

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“It is a WWII movie that focuses on a young boy who joins the soviets to fight the Germans. And the scenes in that movie are so…so horrific. There is 1 seen that involves a barn being burned that my mind still flashes to and makes me sick to my stomach.” —u/FlinginFlangin

3. Hereditary

toni colette

A24 / Via Everett Collection

“For me it’s the wailing of the mother after the funeral, and the fights/tension between the mother and the son get too real for me.” —u/Turnbob73

4. Tusk

two men sitting by a fire

A24 / Via Everett Collection

Tusk genuinely fucked with me. Especially the pool scenes.” —u/ChrissiTea

5. Se7en

morgan freeman and brad pitt

New Line Cinema / Via Everett Collection

“My wife was pregnant at the time and it just got to me. Didn’t even finish it.” —u/Ashontez

6. In This Corner of the World

a cartoon mom and daughter

Funimation / Via Everett Collection

In This Corner of the World got me just as bad. It’s about a woman who lives outside Hiroshima during WW2 and it’s fucked.” —u/GMOiscool

7. Black Swan

natalie portman in black swan

Fox Searchlight / Via Everett Collection

“I know it’s not a scary movie or gory at all, but as a kid who was in a pre-professional ballet program the whole thing just fucked me up so much that I quit ballet like a month later because I just couldn’t do it.” —u/ennnyy

8. Apocalypse Now

war scene

myCinema / Via Everett Collection

“I know a lot of people love it, but the scene where the family is hiding something and so the soldiers kill them all and the something turns out to be a puppy. I just wanted existence to be done after that.” —u/realgood-username

9. Antichrist

two people embracing

IFC Films / Via Everett Collection

Antichrist is probably the only movie I’ve ever turned off in discomfort.” —u/brideofchuckydoll

10. Candyman

scary image of a man with bugs in his mouth

Tristar Pictures / Via Everett Collection

“I watched Candyman when I was 8 or 10. I wasn’t comfortable being in a bathroom with the lights off till I was almost 30.” —u/kamandi

11. The Pianist

adrien brody in the pianist

Focus Features / Via Everett Collection

“Literally every single thing about this movie is unbelievably depressing. The color scheme, the sound, the music, the facial expression, everything. It is a GREAT movie and had it not very depressing, I’d watch it again.” —u/waterettefluff

12. Dancer in the Dark

dancer in the dark poster

Fine Line Features / Via Everett Collection

“Emotionally just brutal. Crushed me, never want to see again. Event Horizon was deeply disturbing. Wolf Creek marked the beginning of gore porn, utterly without hope-of-survival films and end of more ‘fun’ horror films like Scream and I never ever want to watch shit that fucking bleak again. Thank babybel Tucker and Dale came along to save the day.” —u/leftontotrafalgar

13. City of God

man and woman in car

Miramax / Via Everett Collection

City of God left me with such hopelessness and sadness. I couldn’t sleep well for a week after watching it.” —u/salty-MA-student

14. I Spit On Your Grave

woman crying and man wit hbat

Steve Dietl/Anchor Bay Entertainment / Via Everett Collection

“The first one especially got me. I think there are three? Just horrible rape scenes and I was not expecting it.” —u/hkm11

15. Perfect Blue

three cartoon women singing and holding microphones

Manga Entertainment / Via Everett Collection

“The anime Perfect Blue I got extremely disturbed watching it and just had to stop. Haven’t watched the film all the way through and don’t ever want to.” —u/Bedlamcitylimit

16. Life is Beautiful

man and a son

Miramax / Via Everett Collection

Life is Beautiful — another Holocaust movie. Watched it for a college class as an extra credit assignment, when I finished it I threw my textbook at the tv and just sobbed.” —u/dannicalliope

17. The Girl Next Door

girl being bound and gagged

Modern Distributors / Via Everett Collection

“This movie turned me into an emotional zombie for days after. It’s amazing but don’t watch it.” —u/Krocin

18. Deadgirl

men with bats

Dark Sky Films / Via Everett Collection

“Some guys find a dead girl (she is a zombie) and proceed to… continuously have sex with her body. This progresses until one of the guys begins cutting holes into her body to have sex with as these holes are warmer and cozier(???) and then he gets infected when she bites him. Forgot the worst part. We rented this as family movie night and for reasons I cannot truly understand, watched it in its entirety. So yeah, watched this horrid film with my mom and siblings.” —u/TheGrVIII1

19. Oldboy

samuel l jackson and others

Film District / Via Everett Collection

“Just thinking about it makes me want to throw up. Mostly just because of how fucked up the whole plan was from the start.” —u/smolgerardway

20. The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

netflix poster for the trials of gabriel fernandez

Netflix / Via Everett Collection

“It shows a lot of child abuse. It was so disturbing I had to watch it in segments and fast forward through parts.” —u/aidyllic

21. Million Dollar Baby

clint eastwood and hilary swank

Warner Bros / Via Everett Collection

Million Dollar Baby made me so mad I can’t even talk about it.” —u/KyleColby

22. Bone Tomahawk

kurt russell on a poster for the movie

RLJ Entertainment / Via Everett Collection

“It was a really great movie until it was awful to watch. It is very slow moving but the dialogue is great. However, the ending is very hard to watch.” —u/ajonas85

23. Human Centipede

man on the ground

IFC Films / Via Everett Collection

“Really? No one said it? Human Centipede. Only watched the first one, never going to watch the other two.” —u/CrimsonToker707

24. Dogtooth

woman with a bloody mouth

©Kino International/Courtesy Everett Collection / Via Everett Collection

“I had weird, fucked up dreams after I watched it. It was very uncomfortable to watch.” —u/Cursed_Wings69

What movies did you find so disturbing you couldn’t finish it — or wouldn’t watch it again? Let us know in the comments.

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