Pick Some 2020 K-Pop Songs To Find Out Which Member Of TXT Should Be Your BFF

First, pick a song from Map Of The Soul: 7 by BTS:
Next, choose a song from TXT’s album The Dream Chapter: ETERNITY:
Now pick a song from TWICE’s album MORE & MORE:
Pick a song from ITZY’s It’z Me:
Pick a song from NCT #127 Neo Zone by NCT 127:
Choose a song from REVEAL by The Boyz:
Pick a song from BLOOMIZ by IZONE:
Now, choose a song from the album Heng:garae by Seventeen:
Now pick a track from AB6IX’s VIVID:
Pick a track from FANTASIA X by Monsta X:
Choose a song from Stray Kids’ GO LIVE:
Finally, choose a group that had their 2020 debut:

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