There Are 18 Types Of People Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

We’re all quarantining right now because of the coronavirus, which means most of us — minus the celebs living in their mansions right now — are in the same boat. We’re seeing the same types of people online — some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are just out of control.


Here are the types we’ve all seen/witnessed/hated/loved:

1. The friend who’s sure they’ve had COVID-19, beat it, and is now OK — probably:

2. The person who thinks it’s a hoax:

3. The friend who doesn’t social distance and will post get-togethers on social media:

4. Or the roommate who is taking it much less seriously than you:

5. The person doing the absolute most with what they have in quarantine:

6. And even making things happen that seemed impossible:

7. The person/people telling you what to do with YOUR money:

8. The couple who’s quarantining together and is perfect:

9. The self-barber:

10. The person with the most extra face mask:

11. The person, who is altering the Zoom background to something outrageous:

12. The people who finally downloaded Tik Tok:

13. And the people that shame them (!!!)

14. The adults who are awkwardly quarantined with their parents:

15. The people who are randomly, like, chefs??

16. Or yogees:

17. The people spending their stimulus check on dumb stuff:

18. And lastly, the people who doing the best to still spread kindness:

Did I miss any “types” of people? Let me know in the comments below. And stay safe <3

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