What's A Romantic Gesture From A TV Show Or Movie That Gave You Unrealistic Expectations About Relationships?

TV shows and movies are notorious for giving us unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships and love.

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Looking at you, rom-coms.

Between the sweeping romantic gestures, effortless good looks, and fateful meet-cutes, audiences are left with a pretty inaccurate picture of relationships.

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Perhaps you roll your eyes every time you watch Noah build Allie her dream home in The Notebook because you can’t even get your S.O. to fix your leaky faucet.

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Or maybe you swooned when Patrick serenaded David, but then shivered at the thought of any of your exes trying to sing to you in public.

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Or maybe you get teary-eyed during the plane proposal scene of Crazy Rich Asians, even though there’s no way security would’ve let Nick through like that, right?

A proposal on a plane

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What’s the most unrealistic romantic gesture you’ve ever seen in a TV show or movie? Drop it in the comments below! The best submissions will be featured in a TheNews.Top Community post.

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